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Michigan's Upper Peninsula Counties of
Baraga     Gogebic    Houghton    Iron    Keweenaw    Ontonagon

Baraga County

  1. Canyon Falls
  2. Alberta Village Museum
  3. Sturgeon River Falls and Gorge
  4. Little Mountain
  5. L'Anse Waterfront & Township Hall
  6. Arvon Slate Quarry
  7. Mount Arvon
  8. Point Abbaye
  9. Pequaming
  10. Bishop Baraga Shrine
  11. Baraga County Museum
  12. Hanka Finnish Homestead Museum
  13. Assinins

Gogebic County

  1. Depot Museum

  2. Historic Ironwood Theater

  3. Memorial Building

  4. Gogebic County Courthouse

  5. Ramsay "Keystone" Bridge

  6. Plymouth Open Pit Mine

  7. Alligator Eye

  8. Presque Isle Scenic Area

  9. Black River Harbor National Scenic Byway

  10. Copper Peak

  11. Bald Mountain Interpretive Trail

  12. Little Girl's Point

  13. Lake Superior Cliffs Battle Site

Houghton County

  1. Coppertown Mining Museum
  2. Chassell Heritage Center
  3. A.E. Seaman Mineral Museum
  4. Joseph Bosch Building &Lindell Chocolate Shoppe
  5. The Finnish-American Heritage Center
  6. Quincy Mine Historic Site & Tour
  7. Houghton County Historical Museum
  8. Laurium Manor Inn
  9. Historic Calumet
  10. F.J. McLain State Park
  11. Copper Range Historical Museum
  12. Champion #4 Rock Shafthouse
  13. Jacobsville Lighthouse

Iron County

  1. Iron County Museum
  2. Pentoga Park Indian Burial Grounds
  3. Alpha Circle Historic District
  4. Iron County Courthouse
  5. Harbour House
  6. Mansfield Location and Pioneer Church
  7. Amasa Museum
  8. Fortune Pond
  9. Be Wa Bic State Park
  10. Larson Park
  11. Apple Blossom Trail
  12. Lake Ottawa Rec Area and Campground
  13. Mile Post Zero and Treaty Tree
  14. Camp Gibbs Recreation Area

Keweenaw County

  1. Cliff Mine
  2. Phoenix Church and Townsite
  3. Central Mine
  4. Delaware Copper Mine
  5. Keweenaw Mountain Lodge
  6. Estivant Pines
  7. Fort Wilkins State Park
  8. Eagle Harbor Lighthouse and Museum
  9. Rathbone School
  10. Bammert Blacksmith Shop

Ontonagon County

  1. Bond Falls
  2. Agate Falls/ Trout Creek Mill Pond
  3. Military Hill
  4. Adventure Mine Site
  5. Ontonagon County Historical Museum
  6. Rockland Museum
  7. Old Victoria Restoration and Dam
  8. Ottawa National Forest Bergland Heritage Center
  9. Silver City/ Bonanza Falls
  10. Porcupine Mountains Wilderness Park



Baraga County

B-1 Canyon Falls

This is a beautiful box canyon waterfall and is sometimes referred to as the "Grand Canyon of the Upper Peninsula."  This waterfall is located on the Sturgeon River and is part of Michigan Tech's research forest.   It is unmatched for it's fury in early Spring and blazing colors in the fall.

  Location: From L'Anse go South on US 41 for 9 miles, approximately 4 miles North of the US 41 & M-28 junction. The trail starts in back of the water pump at the roadside park.  Approximately a 10-15 minute hike on a level trail with boardwalks.  Please contact (906) 524-7444 for more information.  State roadside park, summer months.

B-2 Alberta Village and Sawmill

Henry Ford built the picturesque Alberta Village in 1936 as a model self-sustaining sawmill town.    He chose a site along Plumbago Creek, which he dammed.  The resulting lake provided a water supply for the mill and a recreation area for the residents.  One can tour the early 20th centruy sawmill and town from June 15th to October 15.  You can relive the Ford dream and learn about lumbering in the western Upper Peninsula through a self-guided tour.  Knothole Gift Shop and visitor center are open year round.

  Location:  From L'Anse go south on US41 for 8 miles, approximately 5 miles north of the US41/M-28 junction.   For additional information or to arrange group tours please call (906) 524-6181.  Website: www.fordcenter.mtu.edu.  Hours: 10 am-4pm.   Closed Sundays and holidays.

B-3 Sturgeon River Falls and Gorge

This unique geological and distinctive landform is not to be found in any other area of the Lake States.  Volcanic rock outcrops form the 20-foot Sturgeon Falls and the 300 foot deep river erosion creates the breathtaking Gorge.  This wilderness site will challenge your mind and endurance, a most refreshing "get away from it all location."  This scenic and challenging area is found in the Ottawa National Forest.  A wilderness experience for those who want to fish, backpack, canoe, kayak, or camp. 

Location:  West from Baraga on M-38 to Prickett Dam Road, 8 miles, South on the Prickett Dam Road (pass the dam, boat launch and Silver Mountain,) cross the bridge, 6 miles, and Sturgeon River to Trail Head parking lot on Forest Road 2270, (3 miles).  From Sidnaw on M-28, North on Forest Road 2200 to junction of Forest Road 2270.  Parking lot is 1/2 mile from junction.  Please contact (906) 524-7444 for more information.  Seasonal roads may have barriers due to seasonal snow quantities, but normally accessible year round.

B-4 Little Mountain
When you reach the top of  Little Mountain there is a panoramic view of Keweenaw Bay and the Huron Mountains.  The scenic view changes with the seasons as an artist paints the horizon. 

Location: From L'Anse go South on US 41 approximately 2 miles.  North of US 41 & M-28 junction 9 - 10 miles.  Take Golf Course Road 2 miles to the Trail's Head.  Hike is approximately 25 minutes.  Please contact (906) 524-7444 for more information.  Open weather permitting.

B-5 L'Anse Waterfront & Township Hall
The waterfront has sidewalks along the shoreline, picnic tables, pavilion, and restrooms.  You will also enjoy some of the historic artifacts that are on display.  There are barrier free fishing platforms.  You may order your take-out meals from nearby restaurants or enjoy your picnic lunch.  You will see the Township Hall and may walk there to see a large collection of historic photography that the township maintains for public viewing during regular office hours. 

Location: US 41 to downtown L'Anse waterfront.  There is a large public parking lot including room for vehicles with trailers.  Please contact (906) 524-7377 for more information. Park open all of the time.  Township Hall photos available during normal office hours: 9:00am - 12:00pm and 1:00pm -3:00pm weekdays (except holidays.)

B-6 Arvon Slate Quarry

Only apple trees and small clearings mark the location of the townsite of Arvon.  It was once home to some 300 people.  Waste slate piles and a water pit remain from the Slate Mining operations that began in 1870, ending in 1892.  Henry Ford pumped the water from the pit and mined slate for his operations in the 1920s.  One can see the foundations of some early slate buildings, drainage ditch and piles of waste slate.  The pit makes for a peaceful small lake. 

Location:  US 41 to downtown L'Anse, at the stoplight go right (North) on Main Street which turns into Skanee Road. Go approximately 10 miles to Arvon Road and the Quarry is about 4 miles on the Arvon Road.  Please contact (906) 524-7444 for more information.  Seasonal roads, but accessible year round.

B-7 Mount Arvon

For years, Mount Curwood was thought to be Michigan's highest peak.  In 1982 the U.S. Department of Interior's survey team gathered new measurements.  Mount Curwood is 1978.24 feet and Mount Arvon is 1979.238 feet above sea level.  Although no panoramic view is offered from the summit of Mount Arvon, visitors can enjoy unspoiled forest scenery.  Seasonal road, but accessible in the winter by snowmobile. 

Location: US 41 to downtown L'Anse.  Turn right (North) at the four way stop on Main Street, which will turn into Skanee Road.  Go approximately 16 miles to Roland Lake Road, turn right and go 3 miles to Ravine River Road.  Go 8 miles and follow the blue diamond shaped signs that mark the way to the summit.  Please contact (906) 524-7444 for more information.


B-8 Point Abbaye
A picturesque wilderness has an unmatched view of the Huron Islands and the Huron Mountains, along with the crystal clear waters of Lake Superior.  Enjoy the serenity of nature at this remote area which has been unspoiled by human development. 

 Location: US 41 to downtown L'Anse.  Turn right (North) at the four way stop on Main Street, which will turn into Skanee Road.  Go approximately 8 miles and turn left on Townline Road.  Go 4 miles to a stop sign: go straight for another mile; turn right on Point Abbaye Road.  Go approximately 7 - 8 miles and you will have reached the Point.  Please contact (906) 524-7444 for more information.  Seasonal road, but accessible year round.

B-9 Pequaming
Henry Ford bought the town from Hebbard's Logging in 1924.  The town was built on the site of a former Indian Settlement.  The location was the site of the first Baraga County Church as Father Menard spent the winter of 1660-1661 at this settlement.  You may see the former Ford sawmill, Ford bungalow, and historic cemetery.  The town sites are all privately owned.  A drive through of the village settlement is open year round.

Location: US 41 to downtown L'Anse through the stoplight to the waterfront.  Turn North on Bayshore Drive, 7 miles to this former Henry Ford sawmill town.  Please contact (906) 524-7444 for more information

B-10 Bishop Baraga Shrine
Rising six stories above the Red Rocks Bluff, the Shrine commands a breathtaking panoramic view of Keweenaw Bay and surrounding communities.  The statue of Bishop Baraga is 35 feet tall and weighs four tons, holding a cross (7 feet high) and snowshoes (26 feet long.)  It floats on a cloud of stainless steel, supported by five laminated wood beams representing Baraga's five major missions. 

Locations: US 41 between L'Anse and Baraga, turn on to Lambert Road, follow the signs to the parking lot (less than one mile.) Please contact (906) 524-7021 for more information.  Site open seven days a week, 24 hours,  year round.  Gift shop: Winter hours 11am - 5pm.  Summer, June 15 - October 1, 9am - 6pm.

B-11 Baraga County Museum
The cedar cabin structure opened in 1995, housing a unique display of the county's past.  From wooden water lines, 1800s furniture and 1000 year old Native American pottery shards, the museum gives visitors a glimpse of the historic past.  The county birth and death records make it a must for genealogists.  The Bishop Baraga collection, early dentist, logging and veteran's displays make it a must for all.  Location: US 41 Baraga. Please contact (906)3538444 or (906) 353-6810 for more information.  Open June 1 - October 1, Monday - Saturday, 11:00am - 3:00pm.


B-12 Hanka Finnish Homestead Museum
Have you ever gone down an old dirt road, through a forest, and wondered what was at the end?  The road down to the Hanka Finnish Homestead Museum is just like that...  Located on the original Hanka Farm, the site was homesteaded in 1886.  Once located on the only road West out of Keweenaw Bay, the Hanka Farm has been restored and activated for today's visitor enjoyment.  The Finnish immigrant farm museum opened in 1985 and is operated by volunteers.  The museum is a reminder to visitors and local residents of our early settlement heritage.  Location:  Follow signs from US 41 or corner of M-38 & Pelkie Road.  The Hanka Homestead is located well of the beaten path in its original setting.  Don't panic; enjoy the scenic drive on the back roads.  Please contact (906) 524-7444 for more information.


B-13 Assinins
Assinins, from the Native language meaning "Little Stone," is named after the first Chief baptized by Father Baraga.  This site is the original location of  the Ojibwa Indian Mission founded by Father Baraga in 1843, and is still an active parish today.  The mission was established as a Catholic mission and school just prior to Father Baraga becoming the first Bishop of Northern Michigan.  This spot sits on beautiful Keweenaw Bay, and has a panoramic view of the Huron Mountain Range to the East.  Baraga picked this site because of its strategic location, where he could monitor the comings and goings of the people of the day.  Assinins is located on the federally recognized Indian reservation of the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community.  It includes an historic schoolhouse, scenic overlook, hiking trail, and one of the UP's oldest cemeteries.  Location: 2.5 miles North of the village of Baraga.  Please contact (906) 353-6483 for additional information.  Website: http://www.frbaraga.com

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